Where Are Viruses and Hackers Affecting the Most People?

These are the states with the largest tech breach problems.

Typically, we only hear about tech breaches that happen on a national level. From international hackers breaching a system or a large company having their database exposed, it’s often put in the national spotlight while affecting millions of Americans. However, tech breaches don’t only hit big companies — they happen on the local level as well.


Many states deal with their own tech breaches. These tech breaches include breaches such as malware, virus, and scareware hacks, tech support breaches, and virtual currency. States and individuals living within a state both have to deal with the issue of a tech breach. A breach can target anything from a state’s government or infrastructure to a small business or personal item.


Some states are much bigger targets than others, and often have to deal with more tech breaches than others. It also costs some states millions of dollars to deal with the number of breaches. Workwise compiled a list of the states with the most tech breaches with government data and determined where the most and least money is lost as well as where the most and least victims are located.


Out of all states, California has the worst tech breach problem. This is understandable with the large population in the state of California. According to the data, there were nearly 8,400 tech breaches in the state of California in 2018. Tech breaches as a whole in the state of California cost the state over $38 million dollars. After California, the states with the most tech breaches by number of victims are:


  1. Florida
  2. Texas
  3. New York
  4. Washington


The states after California with the largest financial losses due to tech breaches are:


  1. Florida
  2. Texas
  3. New York
  4. Minnesota


While the lists remain mostly the same, the only differences in the number of victims and total dollar losses are between the state of Washington and the state of Minnesota. Washington, with a slightly larger population than Minnesota, has more victims of tech breaches. Despite this, with a smaller population than Washington, Minnesota loses more money due to tech breaches.


Just as California has the largest problem for tech breaches due to population, smaller populated states have the smallest problems for tech breaches. The state that gets hit the least by tech breaches according to the number of victims is North Dakota, where only 59 people were affected in 2018. However, South Dakota is the state with the smallest amount of losses, as tech breaches only cost the state under $38,000. 


Many times it’s impossible to protect yourself from a tech breach as the security of a system is left to the company who holds your information. You can still protect yourself from smaller attacks and viruses by being smart about your actions online. Don’t open strange emails or attachments, and download anti-virus software to protect against attacks. Viruses can lead to larger problems such as identity theft and damage to your hardware, so be careful!

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