Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Claims $735 Million Raised In ‘Petro’ Token On Day 1

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claims to have raised $735 Million in just one day.

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Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro claims that the country raised $735 million after the first day of its controversial “petro” cryptocurrency pre-sale.

While the government nor Maduro have provided any documentation to defend the claim, the official twitter account of Maduro writes:

Which roughly translates to “From big troubles, big solutions! From the first minute the game went well, and we started winning: 4.777 billion yuan or 735 million dollars is the initial result of Petro’s initial sale.”

Additionally, Nicolas Maduro was quoted to have claimed, “Today, a cryptocurrency is being born that can take on Superman,” Maduro was quoted as saying by Reuters, scoffing at the U.S. with the comic reference.

AP also quoted Maduro as exclaiming, “We have taken a giant step into the 21st century.”


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