These top cities have the highest population of remote workers in the United States

According to a new data study

Let’s admit it, there are some pretty great benefits to working remotely. You can enjoy a flexible schedule that doesn’t include commuting through rush hour traffic or being confined to an office space all day. Revealing its recent importance, working remotely can be life-saving. As unprecedented changes from the COVID-19 outbreak continue, remote work is a necessity to maintain the number of cases that have swept the nation. For these reasons, American professionals are finding remote work plans increasingly beneficial and fundamental to have. In a new study, Moneypenny used U.S Census data to determine the top 30 cities with the highest population of remote workers – something that is beneficial to individuals currently seeking remote work due to the growing, novel coronavirus.

Trumping all other cities was Raleigh, NC, with 9.1% of their population working remotely. This comes as no surprise when we remember Raleigh is home to the Research Triangle, a region known for housing the esteemed universities Duke, North Carolina State, and North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It’s only natural this educational region embraces new methods of working, including remote endeavors. 

Trailing close behind Raleigh were Austin, TX, and Denver, CO, both with 8.7% of their populations working remotely. A cool thing about these two cities is that they have consistently ranked in the top places to live in the nation. This reveals that our friendly cities have mastered ways to channel a refreshing lifestyle, while also employing professionalism through remote interactions – what more can someone ask for? 

Also making their way into the top 5 cities were Portland, OR (8.1%) and Sacramento, CA (7.9%). These cities are home to a wide variety of company offices that attract many diverse professionals. Some notable companies that have offices in these cities are Amazon (located in Portland) and FedEx (located in Sacramento). In addition, California also has the highest number of cities appearing on the top 30 list, highlighting how much their state emphasizes working remotely. The Golden State’s 7 cities with the highest concentrations of remote workers are Los Angeles, Oxnard, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Ana, and Santa Clara, in addition to Sacramento. Moneypenny predicts these numbers will continue to rise, as there has been a 4% increase in remote work since 2012. Lastly, with recent conditions due to COVID-19, we may see an increase in remote workers in cities across the country.

If you’re wondering if your city made the list for having a high number of remote workers, or if you’re interested in relocating to a city that embraces working remotely, check out the full study here.


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