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The 6 Worst Bitcoin Blunders Of All Time

From millions thrown in the trash to hundred million dollar pizzas, we’re rounding up 6 of our favorite bitcoin blunders of all time.


If you get depressed thinking about how you should have bought bitcoin when it was trading at around $1,000 early last year, cheer up, because it could always be worse.

You may have missed out on a few thousand dollars, but at least you didn’t throw away a hard drive that had your bitcoin stored on it that is now worth over $100-million.

And you could have also been the poor guy who bought a couple Papa John’s pizzas from someone in exchange for bitcoin that is now pushing the $200-million mark. Yes, two pizzas for what is now worth almost $200 Million.


So to cheer you up about your shortcomings, we’ve wrapped up 6 of our favorite bitcoin blunders of all time.

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