TD Ameritrade Says Bitcoin ‘Great Opportunity’ to Get Millennials Trading

TD Ameritrade looks to Crypto to attract young investors.


Investment company TD Ameritrade is looking at the positive side of the cryptocurrency boom as a way to attract a new user base.

Millennials have traditionally been slow to adopt traditional investment options, but TD Ameritrade sees the interest in bitcoin an other cryptocurrencies as window to attract these younger adults.

TD Ameritrade’s chief market strategist JJ Kinahan told CNBC on Monday,

“People complain that we haven’t gotten millennials to trade. Maybe this isn’t the product I’d like people to start with, but this is the greatest opportunity.”

TD Ameritrade’s announced last month that it will offer clients access to CBOE’s bitcoin futures contracts, which launched on Dec. 10. However, the company currently has no active trading exchange such as Binance or GDAX.


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