Sierra Leone Secretly Holds First Blockchain-Powered Presidential Vote


On Wednesday afternoon, a small West African nation was busy blazing a new path in blockchain technology.

Quietly, Sierra Leone held the world’s first blockchain based presidential election, paving the way for a technology that could some day become the standard in demnocratic elections around the world.

CoinDesk reports, “as voters lined up to cast votes in what had been a heated campaign between 16 candidates, unbeknownst to them, blockchain voting startup Agora was helping keep track of it all, and through its proprietary distributed ledger, providing unprecedented insight into the process.

In what, by all accounts, appears to be a world’s first for the emerging technology, Agora used a private, permissioned blockchain – one inspired by the technology that backs bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – to oversee the results of a national election in real time. It then relayed the data to individuals entrusted to oversee and verify the nation’s democratic process.

However, for Agora, the elections could be step one in an even larger plan to launch a more decentralized version of its technology, and the startup boasts that it’s already in conversations with a number of other nations interested in hosting future elections.”

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