Record $10 Million Domain Name Up for Sale

But is it really worth $10 Million?

Bloomberg reports that the high-value domain sale has now been listed on the Uniregistry marketplace for “around $10 million.”

Regarding this stunning news, domain investor Ammar Kubba told the source that cryptocurrency is the “biggest trend” in the domain industry, domains in this niche have grown in value “much much faster than other names.”

Kubba added that, just a few months ago, he paid $800 for the domain, and that it had already tripled in value.

Ron Jackson, publisher of Domain Name Journal, told Bloomberg that the recent “unfettered euphoria” around cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, is very similar to the time just before the dot-com crash which happened in 2001.

If the domain sells for or near the asking price, the $10 million domain will blow other domain name sales in 2017 out of the water.


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