North Korea Suspected in Crypto Exchange Attacks

South Korea’s chief intelligence agency has stated that they suspect North Korean hackers are to blame for attacks on the country’s most widely used bitcoin exchange Bithumb.

According to a report by the BBC, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) has given evidence of these allegations to prosecutors that confirm attacks on a Bithumb employee’s home computer. These attacks date back to February and amount to espionage.

Roughly 7.6 billion won ($6.99 million) worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen at the time of the attack, along with the personal information of some 30,000 Bithumb users. The data breach is thought to have been the reason for an unknown number of user accounts being drained.

The BBC report additionally claims that the suspected North Korean hackers demanded a ransom of 6 billion won ($5.5 million) in exchange for the destruction of the leaked personal information.


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