LA Artist Hides $10,000 In Stealable Crypto In Artwork

Los Angeles based artist Andy Bauch merges art with tech in a gallery opening he calls “New Money.”

Attendees to the gallery olpening, which takes place this weekend, are invited to view and purchase the art as well as attempot to decode bitcoin wallets hidden in the art and steal the contained crypto.

From the artist’s website, “New Money uses 100,000 LEGO bricks and $10,000 in cryptocurrencies to create mosaic pieces that question the value of art and money. A clever attendee can steal the cryptocurrency from the art by decoding the patterns.”

The website goes on to outline the theme of the show, “with cryptocurrency values on an up and down rollercoaster and arthouse auction sales breaking records even as federal funding is cut for programs, the answer to these questions have never been more uncertain. In New Money, the Bitcoins embedded in each piece provide poignant commentary on the ethereal and fragile value of both, with their prices fluctuating in tandem with the constantly shifting cryptocurrency market. And that’s just assuming a clever viewer doesn’t reverse-engineer the Bitcoin pattern embedded in each piece and use it to empty out the digital wallet of its value.”

A bitcoin art series I'm working on (link in comments explains why they're made of LEGO bricks)

Opening Reception Friday 3/23 from 7-10pm
Saturday + Sunday open from 12-6pm
5428 W. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016

Works are available for purchase on Artsy.

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