Coinbase Commerce: The ‘PayPal Of Crypto ’ Allows Merchants To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments With Ease

Coinbase Commerce  claims to be the Easiest Way for Merchants to Accept Digital Currency.


As Stripe recently announced they will be dropping support for cryptocurrency payments, Coinbase launched Coinbase Commerce which aims to allow merchants the abiiity to accept supported digital currencies with ease.

The company claims to work seemlessly with Shopify merchants, stating on their website,

“Coinbase Commerce seamlessly integrates with Shopify to make accepting cryptocurrency easier than ever. Simply connect your Coinbase Commerce account to start accepting cryptocurrency payments.”

While continuing to offer easier ways for consumers to use cryptocurrency is essential to the long term health of the community, it remains to be seen whether or not people will feel encouraged to spend their crypto regularly on goods and services.

With current markets climbing over the past year, the majority of cryptocurrency owners appear positioned to hold on to their tokens for the long haul.


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