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Bitcoin Hits Unexpected $10,000 Mark, But What Is Next For BTC?

BTC continues to soar, but is there an end in sight?

Bitcoin has officially hit the $10,000 mark early this morning to the surprise of early investors and industry experts alike.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have anything interesting, intelligent or even funny to say.”

Is all that Wences Casares, the man credited with waking Silicon Valley up to the opportunity of cryptocurrencies, had to say about the record BTC price.

While Jeremy Allaire, founder of bitcoin brokerage and blockchain payments startup Circle commented:

“It certainly feels like we are seeing a decisive shift from the early adopter phase of digital currency into the mainstream phase.”

And finally when asked if a push above $10,000 was likely, trader Tuur Demeester responded simply:

“I wouldn’t bet against it.”

We’ll all have to wait to see where bitcoin goes from here, but at its current pace there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.


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