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  • Where Are Viruses and Hackers Affecting the Most People?

    Typically, we only hear about tech breaches that happen on a national level. From international hackers breaching a system or a large company having their database exposed, it’s often put in the national spotlight while affecting millions of Americans. However, tech breaches don’t only hit big companies — they happen on the local level as […] More

  • Wide Angle View Of Busy Design Office With Workers At Desks

    Your office environment can make or break your productivity

    The environments in which we work are ever-evolving to keep up with the new generations replacing the old. When you take a step back and look at our workforce over the past 50 years, you’d be amazed at how we’ve evolved as workers seeing how far we’ve come since the early stages of the corporate […] More

  • bitcoin

    Popular Cryptocurrencies That Aren’t Bitcoin

    Cryptocurrencies are extremely popular, yet very misunderstood by the average person. While a very small percentage of the population truly understands the ins and outs of blockchain technology, there are dozens of companies attempting to capitalize on this market. While bitcoin was first launched barely a decade ago, there are now over 1,600 known cryptocurrency […] More

  • security camera and urban video

    Study Reveals the Cities Under the Most Live Surveillance

    We’ve all heard the Rockwell song, “Somebody’s Watching Me,” but the lyrics to this hit are truer now than they ever were in the eighties. From data and location sharing integrated into social networks and our personal devices, live cameras streaming in cities across the US, and smart-home speakers listening into our conversations, privacy can […] More

  • Business people meeting at office and use post it notes to share idea

    How to Minimize the Risk of Starting a Business

    Starting a business can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, but it can also be daunting. With entering a new venture you are essentially creating from scratch, there are a lot of uncertainties and risks involved. Will people be receptive of your offerings? Will you be able to differentiate yourself from the competition? While there […] More

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